Orvitz Podiatry Clinic Offers Orthotics in St. Catharines

Over a lifetime, an average person will have likely traveled well over 120,000 miles. That’s a lot of walking. Taking care of your feet is an important priority. That’s why Orvitz’s Podiatry Clinic offers custom orthotics in St. Catharines to keep your feet feeling fine. Orthotics can treat many different conditions including:

  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Flatfoot
  • Forefoot pain
  • Hammer toe/claw toe
  • Runner’s painful knee
  • And more

Quality Orthotics in St. Catharines

An orthotic is a device made from a plaster cast, formed to fit your foot. A properly fitted one helps with biomechanical issues in the bone structure of your foot, potentially correcting any issues that exist. These issues can cause abnormal foot motion, and result in problems in the knees, hips, and back. If you are in discomfort that doesn’t seem to be resolving itself, it might be a biomechanical issue which means it’s time to look into orthotics.

Custom Orthotics Are the Way to Go

Over-the-counter orthotics in St. Catharines are available and it may be tempting to go for the less expensive option, but they will never be as effective as a custom-designed one from a practicing podiatrist. At Orvitz Podiatry, we will perform a gait analysis, studying the way your foot works while you are walking and while standing still. A range of studies are done on the motion in order to discover where the imbalances in your foot are. A cast is made, molded to your foot. The cast is then sent to a specialized lab for manufacturing. There, they create the custom orthotic that should correctly reposition your foot with every step you take.

Don’t wait to get correction for your foot issues. Call us today to schedule a fitting appointment for your custom orthotics in St. Catharines.

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